Yachting Land Adventure

Caboclo Village and Santarem Zoofit

Today you are combining a drive along Amazonian roads and a walk on a forest trail, this outing affords a comprehensive introduction to the region's unique fauna and flora. Board your local bus for your journey countryside toward Santarem. Your first stop will be at the old flourmill called Casa da Farinha and learn about native trees, including rubber trees, and how latex is extracted to make many useful products. Next, your drive proceeds to the Santarem Zoofit. Housed in a 146-hectare, this animal refuge was established in 1993 to protect the large numbers of Amazonian animals requiring care and shelter after being handed in to or seized by official agencies. Santarem (garden) zoo facilitates research projects, teaching and exchange actions in cooperation with other departments. The zoofit project is an important step in the development of eco-tourism in this country, which is seen by many, as one of the best ways for Brazil to generate much- needed tourism income without damaging the forest. You will be introduced to the workings of the centre, and be taken on a walk through this secondary Amazonian forest landscape, where you will be shown how animals such as monkeys, parrots, macaws, hanks, wild pigs and tapir are kept safe in their enclosures while they recover from any injuries, and then, before release (if the creature is deemed able to survive in a wild environment since some of the animals have been captive since birth as illegal pets), are observed by researchers to better understand their behavior in the hope that deeper knowledge will assist in their better protection in the wild. Following the visit your drive returns to Alter do Chao and via tender to SeaDream.

Notes: As this adventure is walking over uneven and sometimes muddy surfaces during the visit to the Experimental Zoo, it is not recommended for guests with walking difficulties. Transport will be by local buses, as air- conditioned vehicles are not available in Santarem. Complimentary bottled water is supplied. PRICE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Port: Alter do Chao, Para

Duration: 3 hours hours

Price: 79 USD