Yachting Land Adventure

Manaus Flightseeing

Flight seeing offers a perspective and viewpoint, which can be gained in no other way. This exhilarating 30- minute flight takes us above the city of Manaus and the natural wonders that create its dramatic setting. After an approximate 25-minute transfer to the domestic airport of Manaus, we will be taking off today in a single- or twin-engine aircraft to view the sights. We will soar over the downtown area with the famous Teatro Amazonas, the Rio Negro, Rio SolimUµes, the Meeting of the Waters, the Amazon River and the magnificent expanse of jungle that blankets the area. Amazing!

Notes: The number of airplanes available for flights on any day are changeable, consequently, so is the maximum. No commentary will be given. Complimentary mineral water is supplied on the minivan transfer to and from the domestic airport of Manaus. PRICE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Port: Manaus

Duration: 2 hours hours

Price: 289 USD