Yachting Land Adventure

The Visit to Libertad (Yagua Indian Village)

SeaDream has arranged for a presentation of Indian dances and a demonstration of how to use the "cerbatana" a handmade blowgun. For those interested, we can also organize small groups for carrying out the walk through the jungle with some of the local tribesman. While hiking the local "guides" they will point out a variety of trees and insects such as butterflies and giant spiders and generally includes finding a tarantula nest. They locals have handmade crafts for sale. Guests are advised to have some small change, dollars are accepted to purchase some of these items. The duration of this visit may be about 4 hours. The yacht will be anchored off the Indian village and guests will be transported via Zodiacs or local boats.

Notes: Guests should be advised that this is not our typical land adventure. This adventure will be adventurous and somewhat unstructured - go with it. Should you consider the jungle trek, we do suggest comfortable hiking shoes that you do not mind getting dirty.

Port: Leticia

Duration: 3.5 - 4 hours hours

Price: 19 USD