Yachting Land Adventure

The Art and Culture of Belem

You will delight with the mix of colonial and modern architecture, including the stately Victorian mansions built by the city's wealthy rubber barons at the turn of the century. Join a knowledgeable local guide who will greet you at the Belem pier and whisk you away to experience the amazing sights and sounds of Belem. After a short walk at the pier, board an air-conditioned motor coach and head to the most impressive and decadent symbol of Belem golden era, the Opera House. Teatro da Paz: This sumptuous Teatro da Paz, finished in 1878 is one of the symbols of the economic and cultural splendor during the golden years of the rubber cycle, which turned Belem into the "Paris n'America". Registered by the National Historical Patrimony, the theater was re-inaugurated in 2002 after going through two years of restorations. The work gave back to the construction its original characteristics, to begin with the color of its facade. In addition, its wooden and stone floors were repaired and panels were finished in the spectacle's saloon, in the hall and in the foyer. Its outer architecture was inspired in the Scala Theater in Milan, but its interior highlights regional characteristics, with paintings of Amazonian flowers and fruits. A special highlight is the straw chairs made specially to adapt to the state's hot climate. Ver-o-Peso: Next, re-board your motor coach and proceed to that huge outdoor market that sprawls four city blocks. It's the city's best-known landmark and possibly the largest market in Brazil. The myriad of stalls offer typical food with an Afro-Indian influence, pottery, handicrafts, handmade clothing, even charms made by the practitioners of Macumba (Brazil's version of Voodoo), vegetables, tropical fruits, and a fish market. Museum of Sacred Art: After a walk through the market, follow your guide to the Sacred Art Museum. Inaugurated in September 1998, it is the first in this gender in the whole Amazon region. Formed by the architectural ensemble of the Church of Saint Alexander and the Episcopal Palace. It shelters fantastic works of religious art Emilio Goeldi Zoo & Botanical Gardens: A twenty-minute drive then brings you to the Emilio Goeldi Zoo & Botanic Gardens, which covers five hectares of wooded area and is a renowned researching center dedicated to studying Amazonian fauna and flora. The gardens feature more than 1,500 samples of plants species and more than 1600 fruits (in season) that grow in the region. More than 700 types of timber as well as animals from Amazonia, birds, rodents and mammals flourish here. On your return journey to the Belem pier, wind through the city's affluent and busy center.

Notes: It is recommended that guests wear flat, comfortable shoes. The order of sights visited may vary.

Port: Belem

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 98 USD