Yachting Land Adventure

Flora and Fauna of the Amazon

Meet the inhabitants of the Amazon region with a visit to Bosque da CiUªncia, the INPA. This open-air museum is an Amazonian Research Station, whose most famous project is the species revival of the Amazonian river manatee. Observe through a glass tank these strange creatures in danger of extinction. Part of the museum is in open-air with access through trails and elevated walkways. The other part is an indoor exhibit of scientific projects under development. See the world's largest and smallest leaves, both found in the Amazon. Otters, electric eels, alligator's orchids and bromeliads are also housed here. Next visit will be at the "Military Zoo", where a reasonable diversity of the Amazonian fauna can be seen.

Notes: The ambient temperature is always high, please dress accordingly and carry water with you. The Military Zoo is of a rather primitive nature, with some animals kept in cages.

Port: Manaus

Duration: 3 hours hours

Price: 69 USD