Yachting Land Adventure

The Beauty of Åland

A youthful town, Mariehamn was founded in 1861 while Åland and Finland formed part of the mighty Russian Empire. Maria, consort of Tsar Alexander II of Russia gave the town her name. Mariehamn grew up round the farming village of Övernäs, situated on a peninsula. The harbors built in sheltered bays came to be of great importance. The streets of Mariehamn are wide and straight. Housing sites were large from the beginning, but today they have been divided to provide space for several houses. A distinctive feature is the Esplanade, an avenue of lime trees stretching from west to east, from harbor to harbor. First you will get familiar with the center of Mariehamn; you will see the most important sights of the town. You will also see part of the archipelago as well as the panoramic views of Åland from the scenic spot at Badhusberget. From there you will drive along the scenic road of Järsö where you get familiar with the nature trail and enjoy the beautiful archipelago road while your guide tells you more of the Island history. On the way you will also make a stop at sea quarter where wooden boats are constantly built and repairing in traditional way. Here you will also find the handicraft shop SALT where local artisans sell and manufacture their products. Local art, ceramics, jewelry, chocolates, clothes etc. are there for sale. Then you will make a visit at museum ship Pommern. The 4-mast sailing vessel “Pommern” is the only ship of its kind in the entire world that is preserved in its original condition! Since 1957 Pommern has been a museum-ship and a splendid monument representing a proud era in the sailing- and the past history of Åland.

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Port: Mariehamn, Aaland Islands

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 119 USD