Yachting Land Adventure

Gdansk City Discovery

SeaDream has organized a wonderful Land Adventure that will allow you to discover the highlights of this unique city in Poland. Gdansk’s 1,000 years of history have left a collection of buildings and monuments designed in Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. Your guided discovery with bring you to the heart of the cities Old Town. You will see marvelous buildings decorated with elaborate facades crowded by myriad ornate gables. You will pass by the Town Hall, Long Market and the beautiful 15th century merchant’s Palace of Artus Court. Pause at Neptune’s Fountain to admire this monumental symbol of Gdansk’s Hanseatic past and its connection with the sea before walking down to the waterfront canal. Then turn up Mariacka or St. Mary’s Street, which delights its visitors with its lively atmosphere, quaint shops and lovely terraced buildings. St. Mary’s Church – The pride of Gdansk, Gothic St. Mary’s is the world’s largest brick church, accommodating some 25,000 worshippers. Situated in the center of Old Town, this medieval church took 159 years to build, and its deceivingly plain exterior belies a bright, spacious interior with large windows and more than 30 beautifully decorated chapels. The high altar displays a lovely polyptych, the floor is covered with ancient tombstones, and the northern transept holds an amazing 15th-century astronomical clock, complete with the zodiac cycle and a calendar of the saints. After the visit to the church, you will have approximately 30 minutes to shop for amber jewelry, artwork and souvenirs during your visit to Gdansk’s Old Town. Some of the other highlights you will discover from the pier in Gdasnk as you drive into the suburban and commercial sections of Gdansk on your way to the Old Town. You and your fellow guests will pass by the Gdansk Shipyards, previously known as the Lenin Shipyards and “Solidarity Square” with its famous monument commemorating the deaths of shipyard workers shot down in December 1970 by the Communist regime.

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Port: Gydinia (Gdansk)

Duration: 3:40 hours

Price: 79 USD