Yachting Land Adventure

Streets of Rab (visit to Rab Crossbowmen Association)

The small town of Rab was once encircled by medieval walls in the 12th century. Today, parts of the walls can still be seen along the cliffs, and in a few places close to the harbor. The historic town was founded in Roman times along a narrow tongue of land, so when travelers approached from the sea, they could see it proudly atop the head of the bay. Many were impressed by the town’s ancient ramparts towering above the sea and admired the sails of numerous ships in her sheltered harbor as well as the four campaniles, which are still the town’s most conspicuous landmarks. Rab is truly a town of rare charm packed with fine old houses and other interesting buildings. Your guided walking adventure will show you some of the finest features of this lovely town, including a view of the Cathedral, a three-nave basilica dedicated to the 12th century St. Mary. Further in the town, you will visit the Church of Justina with its fine Museum of Sacral Art. Along the walk you will also have the opportunity to see the finest buildings in town, including the Church of St. John the Baptist and ruins of the ancient basilica, the Princes Palace, and the sculptures of Draga and Kaliforni in the town’s main square, just to mention a few. Visit to the Association of Rab Crossbowmen: The Association of the Crossbowmen of the Island of Rab was founded on 15 February 1995 while the Knight Games were restored in the same year, precisely on October 28. Since then, as many as 143 tournaments of knights have been held on the island of Rab, in many Croatian towns and abroad. The association includes 156 members divided into groups such as crossbowmen, trumpeters, buglers, flag bearers, dancers, music players, gunners and squires. The games take place in the town of Rab and in some twin towns such as San Marino and Königsbrunn on Victory Day (May 9), Statehood Day (June 25),St. Christopher’s Day (July 27) and Feast of Assumption (August 15). The costumes of the crossbowmen and trumpeters of Rab were designed by costume designer Dijana Boureek of the Croatian National Theatre of Zagreb based on a scientific study of Dr. Jelka Radauš Ribarić. The crossbows were made by the crossbowmen themselves with the assistance of crossbowmen of San Marino (Balestrieri). They weigh from 18 to 25 kg. The target (cocoon-like) should be hit from a distance of 36.5 m by an arrow weighing 0.15 kg. The flags symbolize the fraternities of Rab, i.e. the counties and town of Rab, whereas the leading flag is the flag of the Republic of Croatia. The trumpets were designed in Italian workshops at special request while the canons were made in Croatian workshops.

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Port: Rab

Duration: 2.25 hours

Price: 59 USD

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