Yachting Land Adventure

Tastes of Rab

Enjoy a guided walk through the town before you will reach your bus to start a scenic drive to the Vilma bakery. The Vilma Bakery was founded in 1996 by Brna Vilma and family. Back then there was only one employee while today there are ten or more during the peak season. For the last ten years it is hard to find a tourist fair representing Rab or festivities where the famous Cake of Rab is not served. This unique delicacy comes in most cases from Vilma Bakery. The late Božo Sokolić was a legendary baker in Rab and Vilma's teacher after he revealed an old recipe he got from Benedictine Monastery nuns. It is the nuns who helped save the recipe intact and available for generations to come. The cake originated in Venice and was immediately accepted on the island of Rab as it was allegedly rich with almonds back in the time. See the production process and enjoy the cake before the adventure continues to Natura Rab. Natura Rav production is a family-run business. They see their prospects in mobile ecological bee-keeping on the southern part of Rab island in the village of Barbat and on the sea-facing slopes of the mountain Kapela and the nature park Velebit. The farming house, with its space and technology, integrates the process of gathering, enriching and packing honey and other agricultural produce. Enjoy a visit to the factory and taste the Bio products before the adventure continues to the Juresa winery. Jureša family vineyard and winery are located near the famous beach Pudarica on the Island of Rab near Barbat. Is there a better way to get to know the soul of locals than to try the fruits of labor of their hands; premium red wine! ''Plavac Mali'' and ''Merlot'' are the two most famous wine varieties in the vineyard. Jureša family is also famous for its restaurants ''Leut'' which is located by the beach in Barbat. Restaurant ''Leut'' is widely known for the preparation of food with spices and vegetables grown in an organic way (vegetables and fruits are grown in the vineyard). Enjoy in wine tasting before returning back to the old town and the yacht.

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Port: Rab

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 129 USD

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