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At Discover Adventure we have always been committed to responsible and sustainable tourism practices. We do this by:-

Aiding the Local Economy

Discover Adventure operates a policy of working very closely with the local communities through which we pass. Usually the guides, cooks, porters and drivers etc. employed for our trips come from the surrounding villages, as does much of our food and supplies. We aim to aid the local economy at a direct level as much as possible.

'Leave No Trace' Tourism

We understand the potential harm that can come from taking groups through many of the delicate environments in which we operate and insist on a policy of 'leave no trace' tourism. We go to great lengths to ensure that we do not harm the areas we pass through and therefore help to promote responsible, sustainable tourism. We put a lot of effort into informing our participants, both before and during their trip, about the impact they can have on a community and environment.

Welfare of Porters and Local Crew

CameleteerIssues surrounding the welfare of porters in developing countries is a topic which has attracted a considerable amount of media attention in recent years. The general welfare of porters - and guides, drivers, cooks and any other local personnel employed on our trips - as well as the standard of their equipment and level of pay, is very important to us and to our ground crew, who generally recruit local staff for our groups. They have a good understanding of these issues and consider them vital to long-term tourism in their local regions - that is one of the reasons we choose to work with them.

Responsible Ground Operators

Our choice of who to work with locally is influenced by such quality-related approaches; while price is important to us (and you), we do not always work with the cheapest supplier. We have long-standing relationships and a good rapport with all our ground crew teams, which involves a strong mutual trust and respect. Many of our ground handlers have been actively involved in setting up schemes for local people and porters, such as clothing banks and educations schemes, and are very committed to ensuring that the local people benefit through tourism.

And in the UKBike in the countryside

When we plan our charity treks and cycles, any impact on the environment and local communities is always taken into account.

As an experienced tour operator, we can operate group events in rural areas of the UK responsibly and sensitively, all aspects of any event will have been carefully thought through and controlled where deemed necessary – such as the size of the group. In many areas we liaise with the official bodies managing the land, such as Hadrian's Wall Heritage or National Trust. Issues such as car-parking and consideration of local people can be discussed in advance.

Discover Adventure and the experienced tour leaders we employ, many of whom are professional mountain guides, are very aware of environmental issues caused by outdoor pursuits – to say nothing of the safety issues when inexperienced people can underestimate the risks in mountain environments. We are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that such areas remain for our enjoyment in the decades to come.

Actively Supporting Community Projects

In recent years we have become more actively involved in supporting local community projects overseas, usually working alongside our ground operators. We always ensure that our help goes to a worthwhile, long-term project and is managed fairly and with sustainable development in mind.

As well as our own help, whether that's in the form of money, goods, practical help or raising awareness, we encourage many of our groups to bring unwanted books and clothing to be distributed to our porters and other staff if they wish to do so.


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