Yachting Land Adventure

Guided Visit of the Royal Island

Located opposite Kourou, in clear water of the Atlantic Ocean, the Devil's Islands offer the discovery of the Penitentiary ruins within an incredible landscape. Properties of the Guianese Space Centre can also be observed. There are three Islands: Royal Island, Saint-Joseph Island and the Devil's Island. Only the Royale Island, on which the majority of the penitentiary buildings are located are under restoration, are currently accessible. This is a miniature paradise where macaws, monkeys, iguanas, agoutis, live in freedom. Natural vegetation has invaded everywhere as for softening the cruel memory of the men's' passage. This SeaDream adventure will start from the inn which used to be the marine's barracks. Afterwards, you will also see the head doctor's house. The chapel: inside you will see different religious scenes painted by Francis Lagrange between 1936 and 1940. Then, the Nun's house, the military hospital which was reserved to the guards, the lighthouse built in 1864, which had a reach of 24 km, the convicted hospital, the cells, the children cemetery, the transportation camp, the guards quarter and the former quarry, the penal colony museum situated in the house of the director of the penal colony.... all along the route the guide will tell you about the convicted life conditions and will evoke Henri Charriere, the famous "Papillon".


Port: Devil's Island

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: 39 USD