Yachting Land Adventure

La Rioja and Wine

Depart from the SeaDream pier to Laguardia, the capital of La Rioja Alavesa which is bounded by the mountains of Cantabria to the north and by the left bank of the Ebro to the south. The San Ginés river splits the districts of Elvillar and Laguardia in the east, and it is bounded by Navaridas to the west. These geographic nuances provide this area with its particular landscapes and climate, which have clearly made a mark both in its history and in the villagers’ character. It is a walled Villa whose name derives from Navarra´s "La Guarda" (The Guardian) due to the strategic position it holds against Castilla. To this day, Laguardia holds true to a Medieval Atmosphere, and still Counts with the presence of high surrounding walls built during the 13th Century with cobble Stone. Laguardia is a completely pedestrian town because its underground houses a multitude of wine cellars built at light meters deep. This town’s main activity is viticulture and as a result of the area’s microclimate and deep-rooted wine tradition, the highest quality Rioja Designation of Origin wines are elaborated here. In addition, the most important Rioja Alavesa wine cellars are located in the surrounding area. This is a great full day Land Adventure that is sure to please.

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Port: San Sebastian

Duration: 8 hours

Price: 239 USD